Best Facts about a Holiday palace.

A Palace for Holiday can be a Hotel Group; can be founded by a troop of highly expert individuals with a joint experience and high revelation of certain centuries in the arena of hotel & restaurant administration. These experiences may really add worth in attending to the customers.

About holiday palace

holiday palace


  • Generally Mission at holiday palace is to gauge new peaks in the arena of hospitality in handling their guests and sustaining on to that pole location is what makes them to strive for the finest in what they do.
  • To turn out to be leader in the hospitality commerce and to keep the lead place through consistently encounter the needs of visitors and exceeding their hopes.
  • To make their customers sense a “Home left from Home”.
  • To create cafeterias with an exciting atmosphere, great food, and faultless facility and, in the procedure, turn a gain

They strive to make the hotel a quality residence where people really enjoy coming to halt and dine, while delivering a safe, inspiring and rewarding workroom for their employees.


A best hotel offers Homestay, Cabin and Villa style lodging for travelers. Escape from the hurry and movement of life at a holiday palace as they offer one a peaceful background to relieve the tensions. They provide spacious lodgings with modern facilities in beautifully chosen villas and cottages that will give one a sense of privacy, space and seclusion whatsoever be the extent of the party, or plan. Party Halls may also obtainable for conducting occasions like Product launches, weddings, business meets and conferences. Package tours, Trekking facilities, barbecue, campfire, and adventure actions are also provided plus composed add up to provide the guests, reminiscences that persist a life time.


With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, holiday palace provides one a diverse collection of world dishes to suit one’s gourmet taste. At a Palace, they never negotiate on principles of hygiene, taste & quality. To keep on, the choice of sweets is just divine! Their Chefs combine oldness and experience with the youth and eagerness and source the finest possible ingredients though supporting local and provincial suppliers, keeping nutrition simple and seasonal.

Each participant of the holiday palace squad, from the persons who cooks to the staffs who clean, as the people who assist to the ones who administer, is dedicated to their credo of ensuring visitors are always cured as royalty. Every food supplied, from the newly baked bread to the delicious oriental desserts, is ready with great care and consideration to value the domestic tradition of a holiday palace.

Catering Facilities

They are also capable in catering for parties, wedding receptions, conferences and exhibitions. They can provide live cookery counters too if one like to have high-pitched hot food directly off the blaze. Be the occasion big or small, their standardized production course ensures that the nutrition will be just as delicious on both the cases, irrespective of the amount of guests. They work with one to decide the list of options as per the convenience.

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